Project ROM II

For the whole new year of 2010, Rum O’ Mania would be launching our 2nd project, Project ROM II! This is bigger, better and grander than our first debut project of course!

For Project ROM II, we would be releasing 2 doujins: 1 main work and 1 sub-work under the two titles of: Harvest Moon: Rune Factory and Gakuen Rum!

Therefore, for hardcore fans of the popular fantasy Harvest Moon: Rune Factory, stay tuned and be sure to visit our blog often to look out for new updates about the doujin-making progress!

Gakuen Rum is a compilation of pure fan-stories from the 7 of us, all sharing the same theme: School. For crossover fans, be sure to look out for Gakuen Rum too!

Will update again soon. Work break’s over now but I’ll be back!! 😀



New logo coming soon!!

Hi, I’m ec who in charge of creating the logo(trademark) of Rum O’ so far and now bring you the news of “new logo of Rum O’ is coming soon”~ (as well as new project?)

well… we have decided to refine our mark & continue our comic creation (in long term?), after fully enjoy and getting wonderful experiences from Comic Fiesta’09. Hope you guys like our work + please support us + thanks!

By the way, our group member suppose to introduce individually here, where are you guys!? well…I know everyone busy with their studies or work though. And I want to declare that Sasarai was officially our team leader + boss 🙂

However, here some updates on CF’09 by our members who have their own blog…





Debut at Comic Fiesta 2009

Hey humans!

Rum O’ Mania has finally made its debut in Comic Fiesta 2009 on 19 Deccember 2009 after 9 months of hard work and efforts we put into our creation of our very first baby doujin,  Harvest Moon: Herald’s Side, since our group has been formed in March 2009.

All 50 copies of the doujin were sold off in 2 days at the event, which indicates a terrific debut for us newbies! We are totally overwhelmed by such great result and it shall acts a powerful motivator for all Rum O’ Maniacs to work even harder!

Our merchandise at CF 2009

Some of our lovely Maniacs
*Credits to EnsuMas (Thanks a lot, EnsuMas :D)

Will upload more here when I get more photos from the photographers next time 😀

Thanks for the love and support, humans!